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Ready, Aim, Shoot!

It's time to hang around the beach and blast the coconuts with colorful bubbles to get your favorite boo - Beach Pop is next ultimate bubble shooting saga! Use your skills to burst endless bubbles and be a part of the bubble shooting adventure.
Join Tim as boy to impress his girl-friend Kim while Jim is trying to impress Sim with different animations and skills. They are also trying to stop the evil Nahbah to harm their girls but Pooga, Booga and Yooga are very naughty. Make your adventure even better by connecting to Facebook and playing with your friends to compare high scores in over 2000 free levels!


Playable Characters

Tim, Kim, Jim and Sim are Main Playable Characters of Beach Pop which will give you more fun and joy while playing with them. All the characters has different animations which will engage you to play and more and more.

Boss and his Army

NAHBAH, the main boss and his Minions are very powerful. They will tease you, pop you and will disturb you in your aim. But all this will encourage you to beat them and get the next surprises.

Your Army

You have a powerful army of Boos' to beat your opponent Boss. Your army is not only powerful but has some special and cute effects also. You will fall in love with the effects in the game.

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Screen Shots


  • My friend suggest me to play this, Initially I was wondering but as I start play this game, I am in Love with this now.
  • Bright colors and big text is so helpful. Everything is easily visible in the game and I can enjoy it without any worries. Best bubble shooter!
  • Why didn't I play this game earlier - the question I ask myself everyday but nevertheless, I have it now.
  • Lovely sounds makes the experience better. Cute animations & sound, this is the best bubble shooter game.